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Web Design

Last Updated: Wednesday, 3rd June 2015 at 09:24

We understand that your site must be both elegant and and intuitive to use, helping visitors to find what they are looking for whether that's a product, a service or information.

Our sites are based on a power Content Management System (CMS) which will allows a non-technical member of your staff to update the site at any time, if desired.

Designing and developing websites optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop devices is an important aspect of our work. We use the latest practices in 'responsive design' so that each page element adapts to the device's screen size. We build lasting relationships with our clients to provide support & service into the future.

Elements of Great Design

Colour Schemes

Set the mood and tone of your site

Responsive Design

Each page element adapts its layout for mobile, tablet and desktop devices


Carefully selected and arranged type to make the written language readable and beautiful.


Visual Communication through images, text layout and symbols


A well laid out site helps guide your visitors through the sections of your site

6 Steps to Your Next Web Site

The Web Design Process in a Nutshell

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What Makes for a Great Design

A professional design will reflect well on your company and increase the time a visitor spends on the site. In an attractive design, the page elements are aligned, there is a balance in the content which should flow well together, styles are matched with colours and lines. The text itself should be in an uncomplicated font in a comfortable size, the spacing between the lines and even the characters help with easy reading. In terms of colours, just a few which are similar and not be too bland but on the other not too vibrant.