What Makes for a Great Web Design?

Thursday, 27th June 2019 at 15:42

Most of us have a view on what a great web design is, we can spot it instantly when we see it but putting a finger on how exactly how it is achieved is a lot trickier. In the following pages I’m going to take a look at the elements of design and show how which can be applied to great effect.

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Before I do that, I just want to consider why we should bother. What are the business benefits of a well designed website?

Here are a few points to explain why this is important.


Build Trust & Credibility

A great design also helps builds trust and credibility with potential customers since your site maybe the only impression they have to go on.

If on the other hand you imagine visiting a poorly designed site, you’d probably feel it wasn’t worth spending too much time on and leave to search for something more impressive.

Visitors to a well designed site are much more likely to read and browse more pages and while they’re doing that they’re also learning about your company and what you offer. This all helps to build up trust.



An distinctive design will make your site stand out from the crowd to create a lasting impression and a strong brand identity.


First Impressions

Just as you would be concerned about making a good first impression in person, your website should make a good first online impression. A poorly designed site will discourage visitors from discovering more about your business and contacting you if they feel the site is negelcted and outdated. Remember the site is visible 24 hours a day.


Generate More Business

We as humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things and this definitely applies to the world of design. A well designed, colourful, interactive website will help increase the number of visitors to your site and increase the amount of time spent browsing.

Remember of course that great content is critical, by regularly updating the site regularly to keep it fresh you will help to make it worthwhile for visitors to return. It will also encourage indexing by the search engines and improve the site’s rankings.


Standing Out

There is a tendency for websites in a given  industry to look quite similar. An original and distinctive design will make your business more memorable and stand out from the crowd.


Social Media and Word of Mouth

Think of the times you have shared a website link with friends or family. It’s likely that the site’s design as well as the offer impressed you enough for you to make that effort. It’s also more likely that you will be willing to trust and share that information on social media which can have a dramatic effect on your business.

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